New multi-layer mesh belt for microfiltration

We are pleased to inform you that we have added a new product to our range of polyester mesh belts.

It is a multi-layer mesh belt equipped with a microfiltering fabric, which can be used in a wide variety of sectors, in cases where microfiltration and / or suction action are required.

The polyester mesh layer lends to the fabric the support needed for a smooth sliding. This drastically reduces the wear of the filtering fabric and limits the risks of tear.
The mesh belt allows the passage of air and therefore enables suction, for example in cases where it is necessary to make the product adhere to the the conveyor belt.
The fabric acts as a microfiltering element.

The layer of microfiltering fabric is applied during the welding of the edges to the mesh, along the entire perimeter, so that the two layers are well adherent.

The kind of fabric can be chosen by the customer according to his needs.

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