Vegetable cutter belts

NAMIGREEN product line
Belt for asparagus cutting machines belts for asparagus processing machines

The belts for vegetable cutting machines are characterized by the presence of segmented cleats that allow the passage of cutters through the space between one cleat and another.

The greater thickness of the belt protects the canvases from damages in case of light contact with the blades.

Given the variety of possible uses, each belt is developed according to the specific cutting function to be performed, such as for asparagus or carrots, for which it is necessary to cut off the head or the stem.

The belt shown in the photos is currently used for cutting asparagus, with a processing load of over 15 tons per day.

If you have needs for which you cannot find the solution, please contact us. We will be happy to study the solution that best suits you.

Technical specifications

technical specification belt for vegetable cuttersDownload technical data sheet

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