Mesh (gauze) belts in polyester

NAMIMESH product line

Mesh (gauze) belts in polyester with heat-sealed edge finishing. They are supplied endless or with mechanical joints and can be provided with cleats and longitudinal tracking guides. Our mesh (gauze) belts are specifically developed for the food industry by our R & D division, and can also be based on the customer’s project.

Our mesh (gauze) belts are characterized by the application of polyester edges, thanks to which they can be used at peak performance, beacause they are not subject to the limitations caused by the more common PVC or PU edges.


  • Food processing industry
  • Pasta sector, for drying and pasteurization
  • Ready-to-use produce sector, for washing vegetables
  • Food processing industry, for drying of fruits
  • Dairy industry, for filtration processes
  • Fishing industry, for transportation
  • Other industries: Belts designed in collaboration with the R & D division of Polinamic, based on customer’s specifications

Table representing the main mesh (gauze) belts types used in various industrial sectors.
For other parts such as guides or edge reinforcements, please, contact Polinamic R & D.

Download technical data sheet

For a complete list of available joints please visit Joint for mesh belts

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